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Smøyg by Yvette Stanton

  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 09 July 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782217107
  • Stock: 50+
  • Carton Qty: N/A
  • Size: 195x275 mm
  • Illustrations: 850
  • Pages: 104
  • RRP Price: £16.99
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From the award-winning embroiderer who introduced you to some of the world’s most exquisite forms of traditional embroidery, comes a new how-to guide full of colourful images and enticing projects to help you discover the beauty of Norwegian pattern darning. Pattern darning is a simple technique, and beginners through to experienced stitchers will find much to delight in this book.

In Yvette Stanton’s book Smøyg: Pattern Darning from Norway, you will

  • explore where smøyg can be found in Norway and where it features on traditional clothing and textiles
  • enjoy many photographs featuring historical examples of smøyg
  • learn the stitches and techniques of smøyg with clear step-by-step instructions and detailed diagrams
  • be inspired by 13 original projects, from small through to large, with a range of useful and beautiful applications.

If you love colourful, geometric folk embroidery, this is the book for you.

Table of Contents

What is smøyg?  5

Where is smøyg found?  6

History  7

Smøyg basics  8

Items featuring smøyg embroidery  9 

Motifs  22

Same design, different colours  3

Fabric  24

Thread  25

Needles  26

Projects  27

Stitches and techniques  65

Appendix: fabric and thread compatibility  100

Image credits  103

Index  104

About Yvette Stanton

Yvette Stanton is the publisher and designer behind Vetty Creations. She has a passion for whitework embroidery, and a passion for sharing it with others. Yvette has written three books on whitework, one of them with her twin sister, Prue Scott. Yvette is an accredited tutor with the Embroiderers Guild of NSW, and teaches embroidery classes, specialising in whitework at shops and guild groups around Australia. Yvette Stanton and Prue Scott are award-winning embroiderers with over 15 years' experience of producing beautiful intricate embroideries. Both Prue and Yvette have a particular love for whitework embroidery. Prue is also a trained botanist and botanical artist, and her beautiful designs are a feature of this book. Yvette's previous book, Elegant Hardanger Embroidery was published in 2002 by Simon & Schuster (Kangaroo Press). Both authors live in Sydney. Visit Yvette's blogspot at


Needle 'n Thread

Yvettes books are always excellent. Theyre intelligently and thoroughly written, beautifully illustrated, full of clear and easy-to-grasp instruction and wonderful finished projects.

Smøyg: Pattern Darning from Norway is no exception!

I think the book will appeal to surface and counted embroiderers alike. Theres something so mesmerising and satisfying about working darning patterns with the simple running stitch, and producing things that are striking and complex! And what stitch could possibly be more accessible than the humble running stitch?

The book will certainly also appeal to needleworkers who have a specific interest in costuming, in regional embroidery, in embroidery history, and in Norwegian and Scandinavian techniques.

Its definitely worth adding to your bookshelf!


Click here to read Mary Corbet's full review.

When one of Yvette Stanton's books drops into my letter box, I know that I am in expert hands. She is my number one world embroidery lady. We are all in for a treat. Yvette's guides to traditional embroidery are superb. Discover the colourful world of Norwegian pattern darning - Smoyg. Find historical photos, learn the stitches and techniques and 13 original projects to hone your skills. In her third book on Norwegian embroidery, Yvette shines a light on the subject of folk embroidery. This educational book offers clear and concise step-by-step instructions, inviting you into the charming world of this traditional technique. Yvette simply gives the best charted designs I have ever seen in any book. See the variations of Smoyg, where it hails from, its history and forms. Learn the motifs and fabrics to use for authentic Smoyg. See how to use them in useful and practical projects - a jewellery bag, needlecase, table runner, pendants, band sampler, bookmarks, hanging ornament, table centre, cushion, shirt collar, framed square and scissor keep. An exciting array of projects to appeal to everyone. I think I will start by making the colourful band sampler - it is my favourite project. I am quite tempted by the thought of hanging ornaments too. There is also a guide to thread and fabric compatibility and a pattern sheet. Highly recommended - this year's must buy embroidery book.

Postcard Reviews

Folk Art is a new passion of mine and I love embroidered pieces.

13 projects are beautifully worked and demonstrated in this wonderful craft book. 

Hailed from Norway, Smoyg is a darning technique that not only is used as decoration, but is a way of telling which region you are from. This is a unique form of expression and men and women's clothing are both 'Smoyg'ed' 

Belts, collars and hats are darned, using this method. Everyone can achieve this look, even if you have never picked up a sewing needle. 

Smoyg is a running stitch, small stitches form incredible designs and what I really loved are the colours chosen to showcase the designs.

The projects include a needlecase and bookmarks, which are small, but the larger project of the shirt is just amazing.  This is the perfect craft to upcycle any garment or to add pizzazz. It is truly beautiful and so eye catching. 

There is a pattern sheet included in this book, and there is a very good guide to stitches and techniques. It is a very educational book and there is no reason why you would need need any other help. 

I highly recommend this book for the complete beginner or the advanced Smoyg'er, it is well presented and the craft is photographed in stunning colour. 

The historical references are well worth a read, it is very interesting. This is a fun craft and one that is worth mastering.

Embroiderers Guild

This is another well written book by Yvette Stanton.

A traditional counted thread technique.
Full of background information on the history of Smoyg which is said to date back to Viking times ( late 700s 100s).
There are over 20 pages of detailed photographs tracking the history and pattern designs and their variations from region to Region. In some areas the designs are stitched using only black thread in others the designs are stitched mainly in green and red.

Yvettes attention to detail is evident throughout the book. Projects vary from a jewellery bag in Black and white suitable for a beginner in this technique to a beautiful smoyg collar for the more experienced stitcher.
The Stitches and techniques used are in excellent detail at the back of the book with detailed photographs.
If you like counted thread work then this book is a must for your bookshelf.

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