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The Paint Pad Artist: Watercolour Landscapes by Grahame Booth

  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BB Hardback wiro + 6 watercolour paper sheets
  • Publication: 28 August 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782216278
  • Stock: 50+
  • Carton Qty: N/A
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 6
  • Pages: 102
  • RRP Price: £15.99
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This inspiring watercolour landscapes book is part of the exciting and innovative Paint Pad Artist series. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced artist you will be amazed at how quickly you will acquire the skills needed to produce beautiful paintings, and with the initial outlines for six stunning projects provided on high-quality watercolour paper, you can start creating amazing works of art straight away.

Written by professional artist and tutor Grahame Booth, this guide begins with notes on how to use the pre-printed watercolour paper to achieve the best results, and how to make copies of the outlines should you want to attempt the projects again.

Following this there is a short what you need’ section, enabling you to gather together the paints, brushes and basic equipment required before you start painting, and some brief guidance on general techniques such as how to hold the brush, how to add water to your paint and how to mix colour, plus how to frame and display your work.

The six stunning step-by-step projects that follow build in difficulty as you work through the book, introducing new techniques as they are used and incorporating numerous handy hints and tips from the author to help you progress on your painting journey.

The six sheets of artist-quality watercolour paper are pre-printed with the initial outline drawing for each of the projects, enabling you to start painting straight-away and giving you the best possible chance of achieving a successful painting.

Table of Contents


How to use this book8

What you need10

General techniques12

Preparing to paint12

How to hold your brush12

Adding water13

How to mix colours14

How to apply the paint15

How to frame and display your work16

Sharing your work17

The Projects18

Windmill Hill20

Technique 121

Technique 221

Technique 322

Technique 422

Mountain Road32

Technique 133

Technique 233

Technique 334

Technique 434

River and Bridge44

Technique 145

Technique 245

Technique 346

Technique 446

Alpine River56

Technique 157

Technique 257

Technique 358

Technique 458

Springtime in the Park68

Technique 169

Technique 269

Technique 370

Technique 470

Snow Scene80

Technique 181

Technique 281

Technique 382

Technique 482


Watercolour outlines 97

About Grahame Booth

Painting exclusively in watercolour, Grahame Booth tutors workshops and holiday courses in Ireland and abroad. He is a popular demonstrator for art clubs and his success is reflected in many national and international awards. His work is featured in books, videos and art magazines, including Artist and Illustrators. Grahame is a member of the SAA and is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  His work is represented in private and public collections including Belfast City Council, Ulster Independent Clinic and the Office of the Mayor of Annapolis, Maryland. He is Past President of the Ulster Watercolour Society.


Grahame works in a relatively loose, traditional style. His subject range is international, and his use of colour, light and shadow are particularly impressive. He is the author of Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Street Scenes (Search Press, 2017), and he is a contributing author to Artist's Painting Techniques (DK, 2016).


Leisure Painter, December 2018

Aimed specifically at artists who want results fast, the Paint Pad Artist series uses pre-printed sheets of Artists' quality watercolour paper, with initial outlines for each of the six step-by-step projects, so that you can start to paint straight away. Written by professional artist and tutor, Grahame Booth, The Paint Pad Artist: Watercolour Landscapes, begins with notes on how to use the paper to achieve the best results, as well as how to copy the outlines should you want to try the projects again and improve on your first attempts. A section on the materials you'll need is complemented with guidance on basic techniques, before you get underway with the projects, which get progressively harder as you work your way through.

The Paint Pad Artist: Watercolour Flowers is part of the same series. Written by artist and tutor, Julie King, the book follows the previous format - beginning with how to use the pre-printed watercolour paper, discussion of the materials and equipment needed plus guidance on basic techniques - followed by six step-by-step flower projects to work through. 

The Collection 2018

This inspiring watercolour landscapes book is part of the exciting and innovative Paint Pad Artist series. Each book includes six sheets of artist high-quality watercolour paper, pre-printed with outline drawing for each of the step-by-step projects, enabling you to start painting straight away and giving you the best possible chance of achieving a successful painting. 

Paint magazine (September 2018)

This new series from Search Press is simply brilliant and brilliantly simple. Take one look and you'll get it immediately. 

The idea itself isn't new - if pre-printed tracings sound familiar, they are. The Ready to Paint series pioneered them and ran to titles that covered just about every subject. Here, they've taken things a step further and put the outlines directly onto watercolour paper. All you have to do is follow the straightforward instructions and you can be sure of a successful result. 

It doesn't stop there, though. Yes, there are six projects and, yes, they've been carefully chosen to give you as much variety in your subject as possible. However, you don't have to learn everything all at once. Each project introduces a new set of techniques and challenges, so that you'll be looking at washes, lifting-out, aerial perspective or winter trees at different stages. You'll never feel overwhelmed and, because you're working at your own pace, you can practise as many times as you like - the books suggest making copies of the outlines for this purpose.

When you're done, the whole thing packs up to provide a collection you can refer back to when you branch out on your own.

Grahame Booth's landscapes include hills, rivers, pathways, buildings and even snow. He explains reflections, recession, trees and figures in a series of six projects that build up your skills and confidence with gentle progression. There are instructions and illustrations all the way and it's easy to see what you're doing and how to achieve it. If you want to paint landscapes, there's really no better place than this to start.

Although these books are mainly aimed at the beginner, the way they're laid out makes them ideal for revision as well. Everything is so clearly explained that you could use them to practise a subject or technique you're finding tricky. I just love them. 

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