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Cuddly Animals to Crochet by Lucia Förthmann

  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 13 April 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782215776
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  • Size: 222x222 mm
  • Illustrations: 150
  • Pages: 144
  • RRP Price: £12.99
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This charming book contains a whole range of wonderfully cute animal creations for you to crochet! With clear, straightforward patterns to follow and fun photography, you will want to make every one of the 28 different animals there are to choose from.

Crocheted in beautifully soft merino and organic cotton yarns, these super-cuddly creatures will make great toys for children or grandchildren to play with and cuddle. 

Chapters focus on forest and farm animals, those from Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, and sea and pond creatures, and there is also a short techniques section at the beginning of the book explaining all the stitches used in the projects.

Choose from Emily the Sheep, Victor the Ostrich, Timmy the Tiger, Jimmy the Koala, Paul the Sloth, Charlie the Sea Turtle and many more - there is sure to be a favourite for your special youngster.

Table of Contents

Techniques 4


James the Fox 16

Luna the Owl 22

Rosie the Deer 26

Harry the Raccoon 30

Winnie the Rabbit 34


Emily the Sheep 42

Linda the Cow 46

Priscilla the Pig 52

Clara the Cat 56

Babs the Bee 60


Hettie the Giraffe 66

Nelly the Hippo 70

Agatha the Zebra 74

Louis the Lion 77

Victor the Ostrich 80


Timmy the Tiger  88

Shu Shu the Panda 92

Mabel the Elephant 96


Jimmy the Koala 102

Marsha the Kangaroo 106

Percy the Platypus 110


Paul the Sloth 116

Emilio the Chameleon 120

Tom the Monkey 123


Henry the Whale 128

Pierrot the Frog 132

Charlie the Turtle 136

Charlotte the Octopus 140

About Lucia Förthmann


Crochet Guild of America

Cuddly Animals to Crochet: 28 Cute Toys to Make and Love by Lucia Forthmann is full of wonderful crochet patterns that are sure to bring joy to the little ones in your life! The patterns are separated into 7 categories - Forest, Farm, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, and Water. Each category includes several lovable creatures that you can create in the colors of your choice. Before the patterns begin, there are several pages of techniques with lots of useful pictures to help you with your creations. The patterns are written in US and UK terms. All patterns include a supply list which includes the yarn suggested. Of course, you can use another yarn or other colors if you choose, just remember if your gauge is different than the size will be different. Each pattern includes color photos and a fun little bio about the critter you are about to create. The patterns are well written; between that and the  techniques at the beginning of the book, even a beginner crocheter should be able to crochet these cuties.

Underground Crafter

Cuddly Animals to Crochet: 28 Cute Toys to Make and Love by Lucia Forthmann is a crochet pattern book including large, huggable crochet critters. The book opens with an introduction from Lucia, where she explains how the crochet characters in this book can accompany little people on dangerous, imaginary adventures, protect them against monsters in the night and are always on hand to comfort them. As someone who grew up with my grandmothers adorable crochet bears, I have to agree with Lucia.
After the Table of Contents, the Techniques chapter includes written and illustrated instructions for the magic ring, 3 basic stitches (single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet), increasing and decreasing, 3 stitches for seaming and embellishment (mattress stitch, whip stitch, and French knot), 4 additional stitches used in the patterns (tulip stitch, raised or post stitches, spike stitch, and bobble), and changing colors. There is also a key to the U.S. pattern abbreviations used in this book (with U.K. terms in parenthesis).
The patterns in the book are arranged by locale, with chapters for Forest (5 animals), Farm (5 animals), Africa (5 animals), Asia (3 animals), Australia (3 animals), South America (3 animals), and Water (4 animals).
Each pattern starts with a background story for the animal and a full page image of the animal that is styled to match the story. For example, Priscilla the Pig loves to dance so there are illustrated dancing steps and ballet shoes in the background of her picture. The patterns start by listing the height of the finished animal. The patterns in this book measure from 8.25 (21 cm) to 19.5 (49.5 cm), but most are in the 12 (30.5 cm) to 17 (43 cm) range.  The patterns also include a materials list with the yarn listed by brand name with fiber content, weight in grams, and yardage/meterage listed. The instructions are then written out in U.S. terms (with U.K. terms in parenthesis). There are several additional pictures included with each pattern. Some include close up details or profile images. Throughout the book, there are images of children holding the animals, so you can get a better idea of the scale.
As noted in her introduction, Lucia uses higher end yarns for these projects. Most patterns are made with Merino wool or organic yarns. As the book was originally published in Europe, some of the yarns are not easily purchased in the U.S. Lucia does include a short note encouraging readers to substitute yarns of a similar weight and yardage if necessary, but more details on the yarn thickness (for example, medium/aran weight) would have made substitutions easier.
What I liked about this book are that there are several different sizes and styles of animals available. Most have lanky limbs or wide torsos to make them easy for small hands to carry. The patterns dont include difficulty level, but most are very beginner friendly, though there may be patience required for assembly. New crocheters (or those new to crocheting amigurumi) might find it helpful to watch a video on assembling amigurumi as the finishing instructions assume some level of comfort with seaming and assembly.
Cuddly Animals to Crochet: 28 Cute Toys to Make and Love is filled with fun project ideas and the background stories provide a nice launch into story time for the children that will receive the finished projects. I would recommend this book to beginner and intermediate crocheters who like to make projects for kids, or those who enjoy making softies.

Customer review

I have tried to crochet before but never got the hang of it. This book has simple instructions at the start for beginners showing the techniques you need. Have a practise with them first if you are a beginner then start the animals. The animals are adorable and each one tells you exactly what you need and how to do it. I cant wait to make one as i have started to get a hang of techniques. If you know how to crochet then these will be easy to understand and make. Hours of crafting fun.

Customer review

I will start out by saying that I won this book. My daughter and I had just seen it in a store, but weren't sure about the price. We have both crocheted critters for years, so new books are always exciting. I was impressed with the number of animals included in this book. The instructions are generally easy to follow, although the combination of US, and UK terms in every pattern is tedious. I feel that the photos of finished animals make some of her finished products look amateurish, but I started with her frog pattern and was quite pleased with how he turned out. That said, her use of "skip", "miss" and "decrease" a stitch are used oddly. There are no explanations that I found to explain her use of these different methods to decrease, and using all three in a pattern with no explanation seems not very cohesive. I think beginners would become confused. I will finish by saying I am glad to have this book in my collection, and will probably start a second project soon.

Customer review

"A lovely book with great projects.

A lovely book with a great selection of animals to crochet. Well illustrated with clear instructions. I think there will be lots of very happy recipients of gorgeous cuddly creatures in our family! Which one to choose to make first though?!!!!"


Customer review

Love this book! 28 clear clear concise patterns. Unlike a lot of books I think I would make every pattern!

It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced crocheters as there are clear diagrams explaining the different stitches at the front of the book as well as instructions for finishing off on each project. I cant actually decide which one I want to make first! I would recommend this book and it would make a perfect gift.

Customer review

This book is packed full of exciting animals to crochet - each with their own distinctive character and personality. There is a comprehensive list of materials needed for each animal - and I particularly love the little description of each character which really brings them to life. The patterns are well written and easy to follow - although I would recommend this book for crocheters with a bit of experience. Saying that though - there is a clear guide to the stitches at the front of the book - each one described clearly with the addition of a diagram. I really can't make up my mind what I want to make first - as every single project would be a joy to make. I am particularly drawn to Nelly the Hippo, Emily the Sheep and Paul the Sloth though. All in all a brilliant and exciting new book from Lucia Forthmann


Customer review

This is a lovely book with 28 delightful, cute cuddly animals to crochet.
It has a 'Techniques' section in the beginning explaining the stitches used in the projects and clear concise patterns with very appealing photographs throughout.

Set in to sections such as Farm, Forest, Africa, Asia Water etc the book features cute colourful animal characters made from soft Merino and Organic Cotton yarns that would make perfect gifts (I can't wait to make some for my Grandchildren and I know they will love them)
Highly recommended

Customer review

This is a really lovely book. Craft books usually have a few lovely things ( on the cover) but nothing else you would feel inclined to make but not this one, every single pattern is as adorable as the last. I really like that they are in categories of origin and each has a name and cute personality. The patterns are well thought out and easy to follow, along with clear instructions. The techniques used are all displayed clearly. Fab fun photos, highly recommended.


Postcard Reviews

This is a book filled with cute and cuddly animals to give your child the 'pet' they have always wanted.

Koalas, tigers and my favourite the turtle are just a few of the amazing designs that stand between 10 and 20 inches high.

The techniques needed are demonstrated and the instructions are simple to follow..although you will need to know how to crochet.

Set into sections, Forest, Farm, Africa, Water etc, these wonderful creatures are perfect for all ages of children. The introduction to the book is lovely and definitely well worth a read.

Beautifully photographed and so much fun, this book is inspiring and I can see no reason why you cannot have a rainbow ostrich or a pink sloth.

Yarn choices are given and UK and US hooks and stitches are indicated.

A gorgeous book and perfect for lovers of animals and crochet.

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