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A Beginner's Guide to Dyeing and Sewing by Clémentine Lubin

  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 22 December 2017
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782215554
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  • Size: 195x225 mm
  • Illustrations: 170
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP Price: £12.99
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Whether youre looking to refresh, transform or personalise your clothing, soft furnishings or fabric accessories, or to dye fabric so that you can create brand-new items, this book has you covered.

This simple but rich and informative book contains everything you need to know to start dyeing. It shows you how to create 12 dazzling dye effects from tie-dyeing and dip-dyeing to creating checks, lines, droplets and bubbles and then shows you how to put them into practice to create 21 gorgeous sewn projects, ranging from bags and pillows to towels, scarves and clothing.

It offers advice on dyeing printed fabrics and working with a base colour, as well as guidance on washing and maintaining dyed fabric. The dyeing techniques are created either in the washing machine, by hand or in the microwave, and clear instructions are given for each method. The book focuses on readily-available chemical dyes, but the dye effects could transfer to natural types as well. All the sewing steps are explained clearly, with handy illustrations to provide clarity where necessary.

Table of Contents

Why dye? 5

What to dye 6

The qualities of dyed fabrics 8

Different types of dye 10

The Colours 12

Dyeing: general principles 14

Equipment 16

Sewing box 18

The main principles of dyeing 20

Creating effects 24

Creating random patterns by knotting 24

Making a big circle 25

Creating a bubble effect 26

Creating plant-like effects 27

Creating a dip-dyed effect 28

Creating a wide, irregular line 29

Creating geometric checks 30

Creating narrow lines 31

Creating effects with a spray 32

Creating a droplet effect 33

Creating a stain effect 34

Particular case: Dyeing wool 35


Dyeing in the washing machine 36

Hand dyeing 82

Dyeing in the microwave 116

About Clémentine Lubin

Clémentine Lubin is in love with sewing. She is the author of numerous titles with Marie Claire Books: LAgenda Couture Singer (2016), Je couds pour ma fille (2016), Coudre pour lécole (2016), Japprends à coudre des robes et des jupes (2015), Japprends à coudre des hauts (2015). She is also one of the authors of the best-seller A Beginner's Guide to Machine Sewing (2013), a reference book to learn sewing. 


This is a basic guide to using the type of chemical dyes you can buy in liquid or powder form, not the natural variety you make yourself.  As the author comments you need a garden plus plenty of space and time to create these, so why not have fun with the commercially available, modern type? 


I have dabbled a little with these dyes and formerly had a washing machine with a purple rubber seal to prove it.  With these easy to follow instructions you can have better luck, and discover what fabrics work best, what to use when and how to get the best results.  Pages are well laid out with direct advice, often making good use of captioned photographs and it is easy to find the relevant section for what you want to do.  As well as an introduction showing what you need and giving basic information there are twelve lessons and twenty-one projects.  The lessons are all about creating effects and each takes up a page so you can discover how to dip-dye, tie dye, use a spray, work with wool and more.  Some of the photographs could do with being slightly larger, but the short captions make it all pretty obvious.  Before this there is a section which deals with dyeing by hand, in the washing machine and even in the microwave.  This tells you clearly the parts the packets sometimes leave out or make less clear (hence that purple rubber) and all three of these methods are further expanded on in the projects section.  These projects often involve basic sewing techniques and show simple ways (often with diagrams) of upcycling existing items or making from scratch a number of items.  Turn old jeans into a bag with the addition of dye and some leather, dup-dye and add fancy cuffs to a long-sleeved white T-shirt, make a scarf, zipper bag and even a dress with just basic materials.  Or you can merely dye things and create a tie-dyed towel, a set of matching placemats or liven up an old cushion cover.  A well worded book like this shows how fun and easy home dyeing can  be.


If you cannot find a good range of dyes locally try for a list of suppliers. 

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