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Sewing Lampshades by Joanna Heptinstall

  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 17 May 2018
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782214496
  • Stock: 50+
  • Carton Qty: N/A
  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 450
  • Pages: 160
  • RRP Price: £14.99
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Learn to sew your own stunning lampshades using this comprehensive step-by-step guide from the founder of the Traditional Upholstery School, Joanna Heptinstall. The book contains 18 fully illustrated step-by-step projects, featuring tailored, pleated, faux-pleated and loose-cover designs. Each technique is covered in detail, from measuring your fabric, choosing a frame shape, calculating your seams, creating a shade, adding trims and choosing a stand. The projects require few specialist tools, can be easily customised to suit your home decor, and cover a range of styles, sizes and fabrics. The book is bursting with inspirational images, along with tips and tricks of the trade that Joanna has acquired over her successful career in upholstery.

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Sewing Kit 8

Fabrics 10

Frame Shapes 12

Lampshades of very different shapes 16

Tailored Projects 18

Making a tailored shade:

the core skills 20

Multi-panelled Rag Bag Shade 36

Silver Shells Shade 44

Embroidered Vintage Table Linen Shade 50

Wool Origami Shade 56

Machine-embroidered Shade 62

Hand-embroidered Gift Shade 70

Woolly Tweed Shade 76

Pleated Projects 84

Making a pleated shade:

the core skills 86

Silk Box-pleated Shade 94

Swathed Pleats and Chiffon Roses 102

Mini Gathered Shades 110

Ombre Swathed Gathers 116

Striped Swathed Chiffon 124

Faux Pleats Projects 130

Faux Pleats with Bias Binding 130

Party Shades 136

Loose Projects 142

Reversible Kitchen Shade 144

Easy Loose Cover 150

Trimmings 154

Ideas for Stands 158

Index 160

About Joanna Heptinstall

Joanna Heptinstall has been involved with lampshade making for many years, researching and experimenting with the subject and taking on bespoke commissions for private customers. Joanna runs The Traditional Upholstery Studio in Wiltshire, offering a highly skilled furniture recovering, respringing and repair service. It also offers a specialist bespoke lampshade making and repair service. Joanna offers upholstery classes, which she runs locally as well as at the WI’s Craft School at NFWI Denman, the WI’s flagship headquarters in Marcham, Oxfordshire.


The Sewing Directory

If, like me, you love to make useful things for your home, then this book on creating your own bespoke lampshades is perfect for you. Joanna Heptinstall has a wealth of experience in lampshade making and founded the Traditional Upholstery School. 

At the start of the book there is a basic guide to the tools and materials required to make a lampshade and a well-illustrated section on understanding the component parts of a lampshade, the different shapes you can make and the various fittings you can use. If you are a regular sewer, then you will have most of the tools and skills required for successful lampshade making

The book contains 18 fully illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to make tailored, pleated, faux-pleated and loose cover lampshade designs. The photographs for each step are clear and plentiful so you can see exactly what needs to be done for each step.

There are lampshades that incorporate other techniques such as free machine embroidery and ombre dyeing and the preparatory techniques needed to make the fabrics are also included in the book so it's packed full of useful techniques. The book finishes with suggestions of the correct sized lamp base for your lampshade.

This is a beautiful, bright and comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to have a go at making a lampshade and decorating their home with lamps. Remember, your finished lampshade will be completely unique and will make a statement and be a talking point in your home for many years to come!


Customer review

This is a wonderful book for anyone who, like me, wants to have a go at creating their own beautiful/unique lampshades. There is something to fit everyone's taste, style and budget here. All you need to get started is a general sewing kit, which most households have. The book is so very straightforward/easy to follow and beautifully illustrated throughout. Each project starts with a list of the items you require and then proceeds with numbered stages to guide you through the process of creating your chosen lampshade. Additional helpful features include clear headings, tip boxes and trouble shooting sections. With this book the possibilities are endless. IF YOU WANT TO GIVE LAMPSHADE CREATING A TRY, THEN THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BOOK TO BUY. :D

Upholsterer & Soft Furnisher - June/July/August 2018

/_uploads/Image Reviews/Upholsterer.jpg

Customer review

This inspirational and educational book is perfect for all those who love interiors and would like to create their own bespoke lampshades. It is equally perfect for those who love textiles and perhaps would like a project designing and making a lampshade, or even just someone who fancies being creative and would like to give lampshade making a go. With exceptionally clear step-by-step photographs, anyone, even those with no experience, could achieve a beautifully made lampshade. With sections on fabrics and all the different lampshade frames (who knew there were so many different shapes of frame!) the book begins with the basics before categorizing the different projects, such as creating tailored shades or pleated shades. Once youve made your shade, the book even gives you ideas for which lamp stand would suit your design best. The clear headings, troubleshooting and tip boxes contained in the text make this a book that is easy to use, therefore ensuring a successfully made lampshade to be proud of.


Customer review

What a fabulous book. so much detail and easy to follow picture and text instruction, I never knew making a lampshade could be such fun. Great sections on fabric, techniques and tips. I cannot wait to make my very first lampshade with the help of this book. Love it


Hot Brands Cool Places

This is a truly sumptuous book, Joanna's passion and creativity in making lampshades absolutely shines throughout the book. There is so much inspiration in her choice of material and the shape of the lampshades, which when taken with her step by step instructions and gorgeous photography will inspire anyone to look at creating their own examples.

Make lampshades to match the décor of every room in your house with this innovative book. Learn how to tailor and pleat fabric, decorate with trimmings and cover frames to produce professional-looking creations you can be proud to display.

I have often fancied having a go at this but books covering the topic are not numerous; therefore it is good to see this one. I often wondered what you needed to buy to make them and was pleasantly surprised, because apart from the frames most of the items are the type of materials anybody owns already if they sew. After a look at frame shapes and a list of what you need this book has two main sections: tailored and pleated shades. In each section there is an in-depth guide to the core skills followed by several projects replete with easy to follow staged photographs. Is it difficult? This is not a book for a beginner to any type of sewing because you need a good basic knowledge of how to use a machine etc but broken down into manageable steps it is easier than I thought. It is a craft that relies on precision and attention to detail to get the fit right, but the results are very professional and rewarding. Find out what materials to use, have a go with some that you would not think ideal for lampshades but which work well and use up lots of scraps with some fun effects. Make loose covers and some of your own trimmings as well as shades for a garden party using ribbon. Definitely one for the keeper shelf.

Craft Business June/July 2018

/_uploads/Image Reviews/SewingLampshadesCraftBusinessJuneJuly.jpg

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