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Creative Batik by Rosi Robinson

  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 23 June 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782214083
  • Stock: 50+
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  • Size: 216x280 mm
  • Illustrations: 200
  • Pages: 96
  • RRP Price: £9.99
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Rosi Robinson shows how to create beautiful batik designs and pictures, teaching all the techniques required through 9 step-by-step projects. From making simple marks and drawing with wax to dipping and painting with dyes, etching, cracking, discharging and more, this book contains all you need to create beautiful batik. A history of batik sets the scene and then there is detailed advice on all the materials and preparations required. There is artistic advice on using colour and on how to use hard wax, stamps, brushes and cantings (tjantings) through a series of appealing projects. Skills are built with each project and all templates are provided. A gallery of beautiful batik artworks provides inspiration for beginners and experienced artists alike.

Table of Contents




Types of fabric


Waxing Equipment

Dyeing materials

Getting Started

The working area

Preparation of fabric

Stretching the fabric

Preparing the wax

Mixing dyes

Understanding colour


Waxing with candles

Book Cover

Waxing with stamps

Simple Landscape

Waxing with a brush

Leaf Scarf

Flower panel


Doodle Lampshade

Bowl of Fruit

Boat with reflections panel


Sgraffitto Fish


Apple panel



About Rosi Robinson

Originally from Scotland, Rosi lives in Sussex, England, but spends her summers in Nova Scotia, Canada. She majored in History at Vassar College, New York, USA, then taught art for over forty years and was Head of Art at Cumnor House School, Sussex for the last twenty-eight years. She retired from full-time teaching in 2013 and now lectures, gives workshops and exhibits her figurative batik paintings throughout the UK and abroad.
Rosi has exhibited in Britain, Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and China and has travelled widely in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. She has written three books on batik, produced a DVD, had articles published in various magazines including the International Artist Magazine and has a seven-minute film on YouTube.


Workshop on the Web

This book explores some of the techniques that can be used with wax and dyeing fabric to create amazing effects. The focus is on producing patterns and designs that can be straightforward or more complex, depending on your comfort zone.

There are good guidelines for getting started – preparing the wax and brushes, fabric and dyeing chemicals, so you could tackle batik with the book from a beginner’s perspective. Using stamps, brushes, etching and cracking, tjanting and discharging are all covered, explained by using a different project for each technique. Fully illustrated instructions are provided for each. What is particularly good about this book is that the projects take the stance that you can work outside the typical associations of batik patterns (mainly via stamped or tjanting designs). Many projects have a pictorial base, such as a fruit bowl or a boat on water, and this makes you
realise that you have plenty of freedom with batik techniques. The Gallery contains many photos of some amazing work such as a Venetian Canal, landscapes, seaside scenes and people, giving the reader a taste of the possibilities.

This is an update on a 2001 edition. It has become a classic book on batik. What you get is -  introduction, getting started, techniques, projects and a gallery. If you have always wanted to try batik, this is the book for you. This book introduces the reader to different techniques, both traditional and modern such as using candles, stamps, brushes, etching, cracking and cantings as well as discharging. The book demonstrates batik on all levels from simple to the exquisite examples of finished work and is therefore suitable for all skill levels. There are 9 projects to follow and these will give rise to many more ideas of your own.  The book is well illustrated with many photos and the instructions are clear.

Crafts Council

Rosi Robinson shows how to create a stunning range of beautiful batik designs, patterns and pictures using a series of innovative step-by-step projects. She explores many different techniques from making simple marks and drawing with wax, to dipping and painting with dyes, etching, cracking, discharging and more

Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

This is a colourful and highly attractively designed volume, such as we have come to expect from Search Press abd with a practical appeal. The expert author describes techniques and tools methodically, comprehensively, clarifying them for the novice, and succeeds in making the reader believe they can do it., When it comes to the different projects proposed however, one's enthusiam may well pale off: 'a doodled lampshade' for example may not be what you have always wished to know how to batik, and the very impressive illustrations realistic landscapes and bowls of fruit and flowerws may cause you to reflect that painting on canvas or tapestry weaving, might be more preferable to the more messy methods of batik for blending colours and dyes for painterly effects. If fired to use4 this medium, an individual will, as always, need to abstract the techniques and find their own inspiration.

Practical Craft

To ensure you get a real feel for the strong tradition that goes hand in hand with batik, this book begins with a history of the art streching back more than 2,000 years. From the past though, the book quickly moves forward to provide descriptions of all the tools and equipment needed for Batik in the present day. There are several interesting projects covered in the book each with clear step-by-step instructions. Fish, fruit and flowers are all dealt with so it's simply a matter of taking your pick and getting started. Finally there's also an inspiration gallery section, which consists of mnay amazing pieces of work. The delicate tones and fine details of these pictures show you exactly what can be achieved given time and effort.

Sewing World

Explore your creative side with this colourful, practical guide to the many different dyeing and waxing techniques used in batik. Summer is almost here and time to create your own fabulous fabric decorated with flowers, trees, birds, animals, landscapes and abstract patterns. The book contains information on using candles and wax crayons, stamps and cantings, overdipping, painting, random waxing and discharging. Projects include book covers, scarves, panels, lampshades, and much more. It is difficult not to be tempted and inspired by this book.

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