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How to Make 50 Fabulous Flat Kumihimo Braids by Beth Kemp

  • Publisher: Search Press
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 15 January 2016
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213802
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  • Size: 222x222 mm
  • Illustrations: 400
  • Pages: 128
  • RRP Price: £12.99
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The friendship bracelet grows up! A beginner's guide to making flat braids for fun and fabulous cord jewellery and accessories, complete with a lightweight but sturdy square kumihimo braiding loom to get you started.

A must-have book for anyone from tween to adult, who enjoys making their own jewellery. The specially drawn graphics make following the instructions easy for beginner to intermediate, and expert teacher, designer and braider Beth Kemp gives a masterclass in combining different colours and textures of cords.

Includes plenty of ideas for how to use braids for adorable friendship bracelets through to more intricate beaded projects, and has different ways to start and finish with clasps or decorative loops and tassels. The book comes with a cute mini-loom that you can remove to try out your skills on.

A follow up to Beth's successful first book for the round loom (Twist, Turn & Tie 50 Japanese Kumihimo Braids), with nearly 60,000 copies in print only 8 months after publication.

About Beth Kemp

Beth Kemp’s background is in the premium jewellery industry. Ten years ago, her love of textiles and beading led her to kumihimo. She is passionate about this art form and loves sharing her knowledge with braiders worldwide, through her online store, Braid & Bead Studio and her Facebook pages dedicated to kumihimo. Beth regularly teaches both the plate and marudai at various venues around Brisbane, Australia.


Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

Winter 2016

Having recently discovered the joys of kumihimo, using a marudai belonging to a Guild member,  I was keen to see how easy it was to make braids using a hamanaka plate, as provided with this book. The book is divided into two sections: How to get started, followed by the Projects. The first chapter is clear and concise, with excellent photos and invaluable information on threads, beads and findings. The instructions in the Projects section are easy to follow; I made a bracelet in a couple of hours. The book is a wonderful introduction to kumihimo.

Machine Knitting Monthly

April 2016

This new book includes specially drawn graphics, together with easy-to-follow instructions. There are plenty of idea for how to use braids for adorable friendship bracelets through to more intricate beaded projects.

Rachel Hyde -

If you have made round braids on a marudai you will know how versatile they are, whether for lacing garments, making into jewellery, tying back curtains or anything else a braid can be used for. But the Japanese tradition of making braids is far wider than that, and this book shows what can be done with a SQUARE loom.

Open up this book and you will find a wee envelope inside the front cover containing a sturdy card takadai. This will start you off instantly on your braiding adventure, especially if you are already into this hobby and own the sets of bobbins and other necessary items. If you are new to all this you can find out what you need in here, and get started on making fifty different braids. There are some excellent staged photographic instructions showing the basics, as well as handy diagrams for the projects showing how to set up your loom. Showing more than one color thread is always the best way of showing any yarncraft/knotting/braiding technique and this is employed here to good advantage. The projects are not merely for fifty different braids, but each one is for an actual item. These are mostly jewellery projects and instructions are also given for making up as well as a list of what you need, how to prepare your loom (diagrams and text) and a tips area entitled "Be a Better Braider". There are three skill levels and simple basic projects given way to those with beads or a more elaborate configuration. This is a lovely way of making some unusual jewellery items as well as braids for whatever you need them for.

Karen Platt-

With many designs shown on the front cover, youll see immediately that this is an excellent and useful book on Kumihimo braids. The wonderful designs combine different colours, patterns and textures. There are 50 designs in all suitable for everyone from beginner upwards. The detailed instructions are easy to follow and the illustrations are clear. Create simple friendship bracelets to intricate beaded projects. A lightweight braiding loom is included with the book, so you can get started straight away. The author has a great sense of colour. With these clear instructions, youll be able to combine colours right from the beginning. Enjoy making bracelets, trainer laces, bookmarks or necklaces.

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