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The Emerald Dragon by Jan Fields

  • Publisher: Annie's
  • Edition: BC Paperback
  • Publication: 06 March 2015
  • ISBN 13/EAN: 9781573674676
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  • Size: 127x178 mm
  • Illustrations: 0
  • Pages: 100
  • RRP Price: £4.99
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As Rachel watched, the seal broke and the envelope magically opened. A card slipped out and hung in the air in the light of the Realm key. The print on the card was fancy, and she squinted to make out the words:

Official Invitation to the Celebration of Gratitude and Joy
Honoring the return of Wellspring
And the Courage of the Six Princesses of the Realm
In the Village of the Meadow Folk
On the last day of the Feast Cycle

The invitation seemed harmless enough. And it was much too tempting for Rachel and her friends to resist. A celebration feast in their honor what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately for the girls, just about everything. The Emerald Dragon is the second book in the Creative Girls Enchanted Adventures series, an exciting new fantasy series by Jan Fields (Annie’s Publishing, May 2015, Ages 7-10).

11-year-old Rachel and her friends were shocked to learn they are the long awaited princesses of a magical world called the Realm, each possessing special powers tied to their unique creative talents. They haven’t quite mastered those newfound powers yet, and sometimes that lands them in a bit of trouble. The girls have been invited back to the Realm for a celebration, during which they must exchange a hand-made gift with a representative from each of their kingdoms. Kaida brings a dazzling, stitched picture of a dragon to present to her people, never expecting it to come to life and breathe fire! But one touch from Rachel once they enter the Realm makes its scaly wings flutter, and it escapes the picture. The dragon quickly grows to monstrous proportions and kidnaps Kaida, whisking her away to his lair. Her friends must make the dangerous journey through the Guarded Forest, across the perilous Living Waters filled with magical sea creatures, and to the treacherous Mountains of the Frozen Sky to save her.

The spunky and creative group of heroines in this engaging adventure will appeal to middle-grade readers, especially those who enjoy crafts and fantasy tales.

About Jan Fields

Jan Fields has penned more than 20 children’s books, including the Adventures in Extreme Reading series. She lives in Ledyard, Connecticut.


Crochet Addict UK

April 2015

This is the 2nd in the series of books and this one is just as good as the first. This book follows the group of girls by into the Realm. They are invited to a celebration in their honour. They must each bring a gift with them. As part of the ceremony they each swap a gift with representatives from each of the realms. Each of them brings a gift they have made that represents them. Kaida Brings a dazzling hand-stitched picture of a dragon. The only problem is Rachel touches it and it comes to life. The dragon takes Kaida and the new adventure begins. The other girls must now use their talents to get Kaida back safe. The books are targeted at 7-10 year old girls but to be honest I really enjoyed reading it. It was a nice easy story with enough excitement to make it enjoyable. I really can't wait to read more in the series. If you want a quick read or you know a little girl

love adventure mixed with a bit of creativity then the book is well worth buying. It puts such a positive spin on creativity. It helps girls understand that what ever their talent is they should be proud. They aren't too scary but they have enough of suspense in them to keep you or your child interested. I love the idea of using craft/hobbies etc. to add an extra depth to a story. I love that Search Press has brought out this series of books. Jan is a fantastic writer that makes the story

very enjoyable. I would highly recommend for child and adult alike.

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